MSI Afterburner 4.6.0 Beta 12 сборка 14315

Вышла новая версия утилиты AfterBurner версии 4.6.0 Beta 12 сборка 14315.

Производитель отмечает, что если после установки программа неправильно работает, совет — удалить RTSS и предыдущую версию AfterBurner, включая профили. После этого заново установить программы.

Ссылка для скачивание:


  • Fixed problem with incorrect V/F curve rendering on some AMD GPUs with abnormal voltage tables (where voltages were not monotonically increasing with P-State index)
  • Visible voltage / frequency range in V/F curve editor window on AMD GPUs is now extended to fit minimum and maximum P-State voltages and frequencies
  • Added support for some future NVIDIA Turing GPUs
  • Now “Mark minimum” and “Mark maximum” commands are available in the context menu of monitoring window even when a fragment of history is not selected. In this case the commands result in setting tracking marker in a global extremum position. You may still use <Shift> key and mouse cursor to select a fragment of history then use the context menu to set tracker marker in local extremum position
  • Now you may press <F11> key in monitoring window to capture print friendly screenshot of hardware monitoring history graphs. The screenshot includes MSI Afterburner watermark by default, you may customize it by replacing overlay.png file located in .\Graphics folder. This feature can be useful for hardware reviewers
  • Now you may hold <Del> key then click unwanted graphs in hardware monitoring history viewer mode to hide them. This feature can be useful before capturing print friendly screenshots, if you want to exclude unnecessary graphs from it

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